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About Us

About Us


EcoConsulting is a specialized sustainability consultancy with a focus on reworking the relationship between businesses, individuals, institutions, industries, municipalities, households the Environment through better resource use, greater energy-efficiency, pollution mitigation, as well as healthier and circular solutions.


We believe that circular thinking, creative problem-solving, innovation, experience, and extensive information-gathering are key elements in finding practical and cost-effective solutions to environmental issues.

We specialize in eco-building and offer advice on bioclimatic design, eco-friendly materials, renewable energy, thermal modelling, daylighting analysis, in addition to the LEED & BREEAM green building certifications, as well as sustainability reports and assistance to access to grants and low-interest loans. Our construction projects range from small residential villas to large scale commercial and retail developments.

EcoConsulting is also actively involved in social, economic, and environmental sustainability, including: general environmental consulting, devising corporate environmental policies and awareness campaigns, estimating carbon footprints, creating environmental education activities, and coaching eco-entrepreneurs. In particular, we were one of the main local trainers and coach for the EU SwitchMed 1 Green Entrepreneurship program. We also have a wide experience and professional expertise in organizing, running, and moderating seminars, conferences, workshops and events on various sustainability topics, including the circular economy, eco-design, and eco-building.

Under its CSR initiatives, EcoConsulting partnered in 2015 with the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (lebanontail.org) to assist in one of its conservation and development objectives: Education. We have created the Abtal El BiA - Environmental Championship Program (abtalelbia.wordpress.com) that has been running since. Our enthusiastic team is committed to offering pro-bono its time and know-how to help developing and implementing environmental education tools benefiting schools, kids, and local communities. 

Details about our services, clients, and featured projects can be found on our website or by contacting us at +961-1-971266 or info@ecoconsulting.net.


Circular Hub

The Circular Hub is a space created by EcoConsulting to learn about the environment, the circular economy, sustainability, climate change as well as eco & social entrepreneurship, through a variety of seminars, workshops, activities & games.



By spreading environmental awareness & knowledge, we're aiming to ignite change and we want you to be part of it too!

Why the Circular Hub?

We would like to contribute in accelerating the change towards an eco-responsible society by

___• spreading awareness & knowledge;

___• creating an accessible, resourceful & multi-disciplinary learning space;

___• and collaborating with like-minded experts and people.

Join us in this journey!

Find out why our Hub is Circular! (PDF)

If you are looking for a cozy, laid-back, comfortable and eco-friendly place to hold one of your events, our place is available for rent!

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We believe in collaboration!

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