An intro to Sustainability, Climate Change, Ecological & Carbon Footprint: Why should we care?

An intro to Sustainability, Climate Change, Ecological & Carbon Footprint: Why should we care?

Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge

Maya Karkour

Maya Karkour is an Environmental Consultant, an Eco-Entrepreneur, and the Managing Director of EcoConsulting which she co-founded in London, UK in 2003 and then established in Beirut, Lebanon in 2008. EcoConsulting is a specialized sustainability consultancy with a focus on reworking the relationship between businesses, institutions, municipalities, corporations, households and the Environment through greater energy-efficiency, better resource use, pollution mitigation, as well as healthier and circular solutions. Maya oversees or has directly worked on numerous projects aiming at reducing their environmental footprint –including the eco-renovation of Casa Batroun, first project in the Middle-East to achieve the British BREEAM “Excellent” certificate in 2014 and the Lebanese Architects Sustainability Award in 2017. She also conducts eco-building, sustainability, circular economy and environmental seminars & workshops on a regular basis. Maya has been actively promoting the Circular Economy and sustainable practices in Lebanon through workshops, as the local representative of the Circular Economy Club in Beirut, and more recently by launching the Circular Hub of EcoConsulting. She has also been coaching environmental start-ups or entrepreneurs with innovative entrepreneurial solutions. Maya has been a keynote speaker or moderator at various sustainability/environmental conferences in Lebanon and other countries. She has organized and animated a panel in 2017 on Agriculture & Climate Change, has been selected to coach all presenters and moderate an event for the EU Delegation in Lebanon in December 2019, entitled “Towards a Green Society in Lebanon?”, and was invited as a speaker on “Enabling a Circular Economy” at the CSR Lebanon Forum in October 2019. Maya holds an MSc (hons) in Environment from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is a LEED Accredited Professional, a BREEAM Licensed Assessor, a Low Carbon Energy Assessor, and holds certificates in the Circular Economy and Permaculture. She is currently the President of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association and is heading its environmental Education Committee.

Seminar Content


This seminar will give an overview of the below topics and will surely lead to interactive discussions on many thought-provoking subjects!

------• Sustainable development and the three pillars of sustainability

------• What is Climate Change, how is it affecting us, and why should we care?

------• What is our Ecological Footprint & is meant by the yearly Overshoot Day?

------• Do you know your individual Carbon Footprint, are there some measures to reduce it?

------• Why should we move to greener construction & energy-efficient, healthier buildings?

July 14, 2021
11:00 am - 01:00 pm


1 Unit GB
1 Unit SE




Green Buildings & Sustainable Neighborhoods
Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge


Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge

Sustainable Development Goals

Life Below Water
Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Climate Action
Life On Land

Who is it for?

Suitable for all, youth, students, professionals and the general public!