Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax Food Wraps - Workshop to replace cling plastic wrap!

The Circular Economy & Eco Design

Joslin Kehdy

Following the garbage crisis, Joslin Kehdy quit her work between Beirut and London and founded Recycle Lebanon in 2015. The NGO is a platform to re-pscy’cle the system, from mindset to action, all while raising awareness on the alternatives possible through a circular economy.

She pioneered the first zero waste clean ups to sort and recycle, the BalaPlastic movement, transitioning establishments and communities plastic and toxic free, the only cigarette collection and recycling initiative and the Middle East’s first zero waste shop physically mobilising a circular economy through the EcoSouk.

Recycle Lebanon comprises of a holistic 4-programme approach with initiatives to educate and to offer models for regenerative forms of consumption and production with eco-redesign and healing arts at the heart.

The four programmes are: [Regenerate Lebanon] a regional circular economy open source platform, [EcoSouk] Eco Redesign from consumption to production, [Roots Academia] environmental healing arts network, [Dive Into Action] Transition and advocacy towards zero waste.

Nariman Hamdan

Nariman Hamdan is a member of Recycle Lebanon and the host and manager of its EcoSouk, the Middle East’s first zero waste shop, circular economy hub. She’s your go to source for producers, materials and traditional know how and creative upcycling. An environmental activist since 1989, she has also worked with many NGOs as a volunteer, including the Lebanese Red Cross and Ras Beirut Civil Defense.

Seminar Content


Single Use Plastic packaging contaminates nature and is dangerous for our health, disrupting our hormones and leaching plastic into our bodies.

Ditch the cling wrap and join us for a hands-on workshop to create your very own beeswax food wraps useful for sandwiches, snacks on the go, plate and even fruit and veggie wraps.

Materials will be provided for including fabric, beeswax, pine sap, iron. Attendees are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own recovered fabric (must be cotton) though we will have a supply ready. Additional materials will be available for purchase so that the attendees can create a kit at home.

We will encourage others to be self-sufficient with the tools to continue on their own or to take it a step further and create a sustainable business line increasing access to beeswax wraps in Lebanon.

This workshop is fun, practical and suitable for kids (8 years old or more) and teenagers.

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The Circular Economy & Eco Design
Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge


The Circular Economy & Eco Design

Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Consumption & Production
Good Health & Wellbeing
Life On Land
Life Below Water

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in making more sustainable choices in a very practical and easy way! Kids over 8 years old and teenagers are welcome.

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