Sustainable & Circular Agriculture

Sustainable & Circular Agriculture

Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge

Lina Jaber

Lina is a lecturer in Animal Science at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut (AUB). She holds a BS in Agriculture and an MS in Animal Science from the AUB and a PhD in Animal Science from AgroParisTech, France. She has more than 20 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and teaches 6 undergraduate courses to students in Agriculture and Agribusiness. As a concerned mother of three, she is an enthusiast for science education as a way to promote environmental sustainability for future generations.

Seminar Content


This short course will briefly present the problem with our current food production systems and the urgent need to find sustainable alternative ways to feed the growing human population. Circular agriculture is currently being promoted by the EU and FAO as one way out of the problem.

The seminar will explain the concept of Circular Agriculture and how and where it can be applied. The role of animal agriculture will be highlighted as well as that of aquaculture as possible links within the Circular Agriculture cycle. Finally, the advantages and limitations of this approach will be discussed. Knowing that a 2-hour lecture can summon the sleep fairy even for the most caffeinated audience, an interactive approach will be followed to convey the messages and make the time go by with a smile :) .

October 6, 2020
05:30 pm - 07:30 pm


1 Unit CE
1 Unit SE




The Circular Economy & Eco Design
Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge


Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge

Sustainable Development Goals

Zero Hunger
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Responsible Consumption & Production
Good Health & Wellbeing
Climate Action
Life On Land

Who is it for?

Undergraduate and graduate agriculture and environmental students, farmers: amateurs & professionals, sustainability enthusiasts, environmental activists.